Welcome to the Anticancer Lifestyle Program’s online course!

Before you start learning, we have just a few helpful tips:

  • For best results, use Google Chrome for your browser if you can. Other browsers will likely work fine, but perhaps not optimally.

  • As you progress through the segments, completed segments will be denoted on the left navigation panel by a colored circle with a white checkmark. The segment you are watching is shown in a darker gray. See example below: 

  • Each module begins with a short tutorial explaining the course navigation tools. We recommend going through it once in order to make your way efficiently through each module. 

  • The modules are broken down into segments. Within each segment, the program will play forward automatically. Here are some additional navigation instructions:

To skip a slide, click on the "Next" button (circled in purple below).

To return to the previous slide, click on the "PREV" button (circled in blue below).

At the end of a segment, click on "CLOSE SEGMENT & CONTINUE" button (circled in turquoise below) to mark your progress and advance to the next segment.

You can also navigate through the Table of Contents (red square below) on the left side of the player.

You can access the toolkit by clicking on "TOOLKIT" in the upper right corner of the course player (see green arrow).

  • If you need to leave before a finishing a segment, you will have the option to "resume" the lesson at the point in which left or to start the lesson again. 

  • Lastly, you may want to bookmark this page in order to quickly return to the course when you're ready to come back.

Now you are ready to begin learning!

Go to your Student Dashboard to get started. 

We recommend that you begin the program with our Intro/Change module, which provides insight into barriers to change and how to overcome them, as well as an introduction to the theme of this course. 

Our team at Anticancer Lifestyle wishes you well.